Mr. All That and a Bag of Chips…


Yet another tale of a blind date gone awry…
(Where do my friends find these men?)

All through dinner he winked at, “honey’d”, and “sweetie’d” the waitress (much older woman) and told me she was like putty in his hands. His cell phone went off several times during the meal…texts and phone calls. He answered every single one of them. He told me it was his female friends and that I would be calling him all the time, as well, because women just couldn’t get enough of him. *twitch*

While he was preoccupied inviting the waitress to sit next to him and join us for dessert, I pulled my cell phone out of my purse, wrote his name and number on a napkin (which I left for the waitress) and deleted his number from my phone.

As we parted ways for the evening he winked at me and said, “Call me. You know you want to.”

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