Mr. I Sure Hope She is Gullible

Even though this story is not technically a ‘dating story’ it happened on a dating site and it’s just too good not to share.

One evening, a few months ago, Mr. I Sure Hope She is Gullible contacted me to say hello and he liked my photos. (I am an amateur photographer and some of my photos are on my profile.) I said thank you and he preceded to tell me how he works with a man who lives not too far from me and he is always looking for photographers to hire for freelance work, etc…

I gave Mr. I Sure Hope She is Gullible the address for my photography site so he could see more of my work. Now at this point, Mr. I Sure Hope She is Gullible is telling me he lives in Vermont yet when he logged onto my photography site it listed him as being clear across the country (in the same location as said ‘boss’)…hmmmm.

He keeps telling me to give his boss a call and I can call him Larry, Lar, LE. (Who says stuff like that?)

Curiosity gets the best of me so I call ole Lar one day and tell him I don’t really have time to talk but can he e-mail more info about his business and what he is looking for. His response, “Well sweetheart, I can’t do that right now. I’m actually in the car on my way to Texas on a job.” I tell him I will call him back when I have more time. (Really, I was just testing him to see if he was legit.)

I wait a few hours and call him back. I hear kids in the car and one of them even says, “Is that_____ ? (using my name)

I start asking ole Lar what kind of work he’s done and where I can find examples of it online. He starts telling me about coffee mug deals and greeting card deals and how he is putting together a show for a gallery. Nothing concrete…no hard facts…just a lot of smoke.

During the course of our conversation I can tell he has stopped travelling. I say, “You obviously have kids.” He says, “Oh no, those are my roomates kids. We were just out in ______ exploring.”

Hmmmm, ______ is where he supposedly lives NOT on the way to Texas. I then end the phone conversation…promising to call him back. (I lied.)

Then, I contacted Mr. I Sure Hope She is Gullible via the dating site. The following is our actual conversation:

Me: Hey, what’s your phone number? I’d like to call you….

no response

Me: Hey…are you a really who you say you are or are you REALLY Larry?

Him: sorry haven’t been around I got transfered in GA for a few
months ( I did a no no ) I sent Lar the
page info. we been a little busy. no I am not him. you will
never see me eat terriaki burgers.

Me: Phone number?

Him: I’m getting assigned a new phone. I get that saturday ? I
broke a top rule and now getting punished so to speak. guess this
is my last chance on probation period 2 months to go too
least I get to keep the laptop.

Me: I find it very odd you don’t have a personal phone…..

Him: I had a home phone for a while but it got cut off when I
lost my job I use the company phone ( within reason) but
with the mess up I did and the info on that phone I was
asked to turn it in and a new will be given when I get to rome
GA new number blank pages I’m not supposed to deal with
anything related to the assignment no records no phone my
comp has already been purged of vt data I was doing
in VT now he said I had one more chance to make good or I
get the red slip.

Me: I do not believe you.

No response.

(Don’t even bother trying to figure out the reasoning behind this one. It will just make your head hurt.)

4 thoughts on “Mr. I Sure Hope She is Gullible

    1. Personally, I think he was after my photography. Ironic that I met him on a dating site and he’s the first guy from a dating site that wanted something other love or sex (and not necessarily in that order). And life goes on…

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