I had a phone call last night which we reminded me of something that happened back in March.

This took place right after I broke things off with Mr. Man of Mystery so he could be the culprit although I cannot prove it.

Early one morning I started receiving phone call after phone call from insurance agents all across the country. As each different time zone woke up and began it’s workday the calls spread from New York all the way to California. I live in the central time zone so the calls started at 7:00 am my time.

Apparently someone had gone online using my personal information…name, address, cell phone number and e-mail…and submitted a request for quotes on health insurance. The request had my information yet said it was requested by a 51 year old male.

At first, I was furious because I was receiving about 2 phone calls an hour as well as a barage of e-mails.

By the end of the first day, I realized that all the calls had been from male insurance agents and people in sales sure do like to talk. Me, being the ever-optimist that I am, decided what the heck I may as well have some fun with it!! I decided to take this opportunity to just flirt like crazy and that’s exactly what I did. I have to say it has been so much fun!! It is what I like to call ‘speed flirting’ (like speed dating).

After a week or so, the calls subsided to only a few a week and last night’s call was yet another insurance agent whom I spoke with for about 30 minutes getting my flirt on.

Happy Tuesday! Get your flirt on! It will make for a beautiful day!!

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