The Art of Kissing (It’s about to get messy up in here.)

I love kissing. I believe kissing is a very important part of getting to know someone. I dated a guy for two years who was an artist. That man had truly perfected the art of kissing. With that being said…I am a kissing snob. Yes, I have given myself the label of kissing snob.

There’s nothing worse than being kissed by someone who is bad at it. You know it’s true. I’m sure you’ve been kissed before and thought what was that? If someone is not a good kisser I just can’t imagine what a life with them would be like.

Some examples I have personally experienced:

Mr. Chicken Lips…I honestly thought I was being pecked to death by a chicken. I did not want to stick around to see if he was going to lay an egg for his next trick.

Mr. Snake Tongue…I could not keep up with his tongue darting in and out of my mouth and then clamping his lips shut like he was sealing up a vault. I don’t think I was actually ever able to kiss him back.

Mr. Jackie Chan…his tongue was quick and everywhere…bouncing off the walls and doing stunts I didn’t think was possible inside of a persons mouth. I prefer long, slow kisses that may evolve into a more intense interaction not an instant action movie in my mouth.

I’m sure there are others but these are the three that have left an everlasting impact on my mind (and in my mouth).

Are you a kissing snob? Please enlighten us and share your thoughts on this…

5 thoughts on “The Art of Kissing (It’s about to get messy up in here.)

  1. I love kissing too….love also the long slow one which gets intense and passionate. I have experienced that mindblowing kiss and that is what I will settle for- nothing less. Guess I am a kissing snob too! πŸ™‚

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