Mr. Good Guy (yes, he really is)


Today’s post is about one of the good guys. All my posts seem to revolve around ‘the others’ so today, I thought I would share a good story so you don’t think all my experiences are bad.

I met Mr. Good Guy online. I was not attracted to him at first based on his photos. Yes, I admit, I was being shallow. (I’m not usually attracted to super skinny men and he was all skin and bones.) However, what got my attention and drew me in was his sense of humor and personality.

We spoke online and on the phone for about 6 weeks before we ever decided to meet. He was very smart and had common sense (a rare combination), and he made me laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him. One of the reasons we put off meeting was due to the fact that he had only been divorced 5 months and we talked about whether or not  he still needed time to figure out who he was and what he wanted in life…post-divorce.

We finally decided what the heck and went to dinner one evening. We had a great time. I was still not attracted to him physically but agreed to continue going out with him. The more time I spent with him the more I realized he actually had become physically attractive to me along with his shining personality. He had basically ‘won me over’.

So now you’re probably wondering…then why are you not still with Mr. Good Guy?

Our initial reservation about him not being divorced very long came back and bit us. When his ex-wife realized he was seeing someone she began threatening suicide. Because she had attempted suicide in the past he felt obligated to reconcile with her. He did not want to but was afraid his children and grandchildren would never forgive him if she actually did kill herself.

It’s really sad knowing he’s trapped in a relationship that he does not want to be in. We mutually agreed to stop all communication between us. He was man enough to realize if he was going to reconcile with her, he could not also be seeing me. I was also concerned about her emotional instability and did not want to be a target for her. Most men would not choose to do what he did. Yes, he really is one of the good guys and I wish him the best of luck.

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