Mr. Conversationalist



This is a quick story as I found the chat up line fantastic. This was only last week.

On an internet dating site, is my profile and photo up, so I get a message from a guy:


I thought this was very inventive so I answered equally with:


His response to this was:


I was amazed about his vocabulary. So my answer was:

“You are a man of few words.”

And he answered:

“ You are not exactly War and Peace either.”

So I left it at that, as I do not think I could have a decent conversation with THAT.

At least they can make us laugh!

Best Regards, Ute

3 thoughts on “Mr. Conversationalist

  1. Dearest Ute, your short story has made me laugh hysterically as I, too, have had similar conversations. These are usually followed with, “Hey baby, can I have your phone number?” If a man cannot intrigue me with witty banter he may as well forget it!!
    Thank you for sharing and good luck!

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