I love yous…


I received an email today and at the end of the message was written lymi. I guess I’m illiterate when it comes to all these new acronyms that keep popping up because I had no idea what it meant so I asked.

It means luv ya…mean it.

That is a huge pet peeve of mine. I don’t like it when people say luv ya, luv u, etc. To me, it’s impersonal and has no true meaning…zero value in the context of any real feeling. You can say luv ya to anyone and not mean it.

I’m not just referring to romantic relationships but for family and friends as well. When I let the people in my life know how I feel I always say, “I love you.” I just don’t believe in short-changing my feelings.

I know not everyone feels this way. It’s just my personal preference. I’d rather feel with my entire heart and not just a smidgen.

4 thoughts on “I love yous…

  1. I feel the same way. If it is someone I love and is close to me I always make sure to let them know. However, I do shorten it sometimes if I’m just throwing it out there to someone I’m not close to.

      1. and that’s what I always think of when people shorten it as well. That they don’t really mean it. I just assume it. If I mean it I’ll say “I love you” fully and with my whole heart, and I don’t do that a lot because of the meaning it has behind it.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. For a start, I don’t like all these newfangled acronyms people are throwing around- there is nothing wrong with using full sentences, people.

    But ‘love you’ is something you should always be careful about saying and always mean. I agree, if someone told me they ‘lymi’ I would first be confused and second mildly irritated that their adoration did not stretch so far as to spell out 13 whole letters.

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