Mr. Looking for a Challenge


I clearly have on my online dating profile that I am not into younger men nor do I want photos of a certain part of the male anatomy. I quote from my profile, “I am looking for classy not trashy.”

This morning I received a message from a 25 year old, “Good morning, how are you? You’re very pretty. I love your pics. Nice profile. Can you date a guy with a few fetishes? Nothing over the top just a few things.”


Me: “You obviously did not read my profile.”

Him: “Yes, I did. We can be friends, right? I’m just looking for a long distance friend via text to share pictures with. Not right away though. I want to get to know you. Just letting you know what I’m looking for. I like sharing pictures of myself doing naughty things.”

Me: “Again, you obviously did not read my profile.”

Him: “Yes I did but I’m looking forward to getting to know you first.”

End of conversation.

I honestly do not have those things on my profile as a challenge. Mr. I’m Looking for a Challenge obviously is challenged!!

3 thoughts on “Mr. Looking for a Challenge

  1. My two favorite online dating interactions: (1) Man started chatting with me on the site. After a few minutes of nice, normal conversation, he says “You have a really nice rack.” End of conversation. (2) Man emailed me one line: “Want to come over to my house and we can make out?” I responded, “Seriously? Seriously, that’s the first thing you say to someone you’ve never met?” He did not respond to that.

  2. This is what I got yesterday from a 27 year old: (I am 51)

    “Wow you’re pretty fit! and yes I realise I am younger than you but why should that matter. Plus i have Skype while my pic is being approved!

    I’m 6ft, green eyes, olive skin, stubble, short side swept hair..

    Would you be interested in little ol me!?”

    What can I say……sooooo tempting……lol 🙂

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