Mr. Mass Texter

mass text

After the fiasco with Mr. Flip a Coin, I gave my phone number to another online dater I had been corresponding with. He thanked me profusely and said he would text me in a bit (also assuring me I would not regret it). Sure enough, he did text me…in a mass text message that went to two other women at the same time!! Does he not understand that you can see all the phone numbers in a mass text message?

In this day and age, I understand most people communicate with one more than one person trying to get to know them and weed out the ones that are of no interest but a mass text message?? REALLY??!!

I actually messaged the other two women, one of which I have now become friends with. We both texted Mr. Mass Texter and asked him if he was talking with anyone else and he, of course, said “No hon just you.” (Hon?…barf.)

He has no clue that we know. Oh how dangerous this situation can be for a man…take heed online daters!! 😉

We are contemplating one of us setting up a date with him and then both showing up. Then again, he would probably like that.

He’s right though. I don’t regret it. I have made a great new friend thanks to his ignorance.

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