Mr. Nothing in Between


This past week I have been communicating with a man who started out with lots of witty banter and conversation. It’s the men who have a good sense of humor and can carry on an intellectual conversation that usually get my attention. He’s already asked me out for dinner next Friday although nothing is set in stone.

Now all of a sudden, the last two days he sends a “good morning” and a “good night” with literally nothing in between.

Does he think because we’re supposed to have dinner next weekend that now he does not have to engage me in any meaningful conversation?

It’s been my experience that if someone is really interested they go the extra mile and take time to get to know you.

Mr. Nothing in Between has lost my attention and interest.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Nothing in Between

    1. We’re ALL complicated in our own way. lol
      I’m not really sure. He talked so much in the beginning and said the conversation with me was very easy unlike the awkwardness of other conversations.
      Was the awkwardness because of him? Who knows!!

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