Size Really Does Matter (especially if you lie)

Over the years I have come to realize that some men just outright lie about their height on their online dating profiles. Yes, those are the inches I am referring to. I know some women do this too but I don’t understand why anyone would. I am sure most men are aware that women in general like taller men and may have fears that being shorter could be a deal breaker but come on guys…I think we are going to notice if you fall a few inches short. Please don’t stand on your tippy toes.

I had dinner with a man a few years ago who had his height listed as 5’8″. Imagine my surprise when we met and he only seemed to be about 5’4″. That’s a big difference!! Did he suddenly shrink in stature as he crossed over into another time zone to meet up with me? With me being 5’6″ I guess he thought I wouldn’t notice but my hairstyle adds an inch or two to my height so I have the appearance of looking taller…yes, I like a little ‘up’ in my ‘doo’.

His first comment to me was “Wow, you’re a lot taller than I pictured. You must be wearing heels.”

I was.

That made it so much worse.

I literally felt like I towered over him before we sat down to dinner. I felt like an Amazon warrior getting ready to swoop in for the kill.

As dinner progressed it really wouldn’t have mattered if he had been 6 feet tall. He shared story after story of how he stalked his ex girlfriend because he just knew she was cheating on him. THAT was the deal breaker and thank goodness my inner Amazon warrior was my wingman!

If you lie about those obvious inches I don’t even want to think about what else you might be lying about…

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