Recently, I changed my name on Facebook and a friend emailed me and asked “Gone Hawaiian?”

Well pal, sit back and listen to a tale about a single girl’s dating tragedy……..I made a stupid blunder that God saved me from fast. Life gets tough being alone every now and then. While shopping in the one and only store in this small town I ran into a guy I had met in my post-1st ex – pre-2nd ex days (Over 20 years ago). We never went out back then because I was dating Jack (another story, another time).

He asked me out to dinner. I’m really not so interested in dating but I was hungry…yes a good meal out sometimes can sway me especially since it was the day before payday. I thought “What the heck, what can it hurt? He doesn’t seem to be a psycho!” so I went.

It turned out that his favorite restaurant is Applebees. “How bad can he be? He doesn’t go to McDonalds and he’s older than me. That’s new for me considering my last husband was 11 years younger.” I thought. “He must be grown up, right?” By now you are wondering what that has to do with your question……..well sit back. I always have a life story with my learned lessons.
He had all the manners a woman wants in a man. Picking me up at my home…opening doors…extreme politeness. He started by telling me that he drives 69 1/2 so as not to get a ticket. Then he goes on and on about how his son keeps getting them and he doesn’t like cops. A YELLOW LIGHT comes on in my head at this point. On the way to Applebees he stops at his house because he wants to show me “him”. Well…His actual sentence was “Can I show you ME”? I don’t mind telling you that I almost jumped out of the moving vehicle. Apparently my face showed my stress and he immediately explained that we were JUST going to ride around his home to show me his place.

He was true to his word and we did not get out of the vehicle. He wanted me to see the deck he built…very nice bee hives….his little nice home..all-in-all a great place to dwell. However, I couldn’t help wondering WHY he wanted to show me this within our first 10 minutes of being together. I noticed he got overexcited when I mentioned my kids called me Bebe. I couldn’t resist telling him since we were going to AppleBEES and he was showing me bees. Cornball joke but he seemed to love it.

On the way he tells me his last marriage only lasted 4 months. I really needed an explanation for this but he would not tell me anything else. The Yellow light just got brighter…. among a thousand other mentions of his life he says “I drink”. I looked at him and ask if he was expecting a reaction. He says “No you just need to know that”. I told him that although I do not judge people for their choices STILL there are things I don’t want in extremes in my life. Someone who drinks a lot is one of them. He said nothing. So we continue our journey. It was a pleasant 30 minute ride and we chatted about various things. He asked how my marriage ended and we talked about an accident I had been in. For the most part he told me about his life….it felt like he was interviewing for a job without the questions. It had been over 20 years since I had dated so I just told myself that ‘selling himself’ must be part of the dating process.

We arrive at the ‘Bees and he grabs my hand all of a sudden. My instinct was to pull away (apparently I’m not really ready to date at all) He drags me to the BAR while saying he hopes I don’t mind sitting there because that is where he ALWAYS sits. My yellow light turned a light reddish color by this point.

I spend two hours listening to him talk to the very young waitresses (apparently he is a Thursday night special there giving big tips and trying so hard to make his retired ass feel young again) These girls are smart – they fake smile and pretend like he is ‘all that’ then take his money and smile as they walk away.

He told me to get whatever I wanted and that was very nice. I had a delicious meal with tea.

I guess he truly wanted to prove to me that he drinks because he drank one after another the entire meal while making fun of my tea. I had a momentary trip back in time to my high school days when other kids would put me down for not doing drugs with them. Later he texted me when he got home to tell me that he was sitting on his porch drinking another and feeling bummed (confused because I am somewhat naïve at times since I became a hermit after my last divorce 4 years ago. It took me a few days to figure out that was because he thought I was going to his house after that meal. I totally missed a Bee-opportunity. Later I thought about the fact that he asked me where I wanted to go after dinner and I said “Home – everything else is closed” duh for me…That wasn’t the answer he was seeking.

During the drive home he asked more questions about my previous ex and I automatically throw in the spiritual side of it. I’m not a Bible thumper nor do I believe I am perfect in any way but I DO believe I wouldn’t be here without a few hundred answered prayers and that’s always part of the story when I discuss something painful I have gone through in life. I should also mention I mentally prayed a lot while riding home during a severe thunder storm with a drunken man who jumped and let go of the steering wheel from time to time. I really did NOT want to die this way!

I woke up Saturday morning with a fibro attack from the pits of Hades. I was crying with pain. I don’t usually get that bad but the bar benches were very uncomfortable plus I had just got back from vacation and it was all kicking in. By the way I explained to him about my body issues but most people think that because I look healthy then I must be lying…as it turns out he was one of those people.

Saturday afternoon he called me asking me to come to his house to grill out. Suddenly I realized why he wanted me to know where he lived….duh again. He said he does that for ‘friends’. I told him I appreciated the invite but I was very sick. I tried to explain the fibro a little because I realized he didn’t believe me the night before… to which he said “I have read articles that say that is just in people’s heads” Well of course he got the reality of it when I was finished and I could tell he didn’t like it even though I was firm and obviously insulted at the nerve of someone telling me I didn’t hurt when I could barely get out of bed.
He hung up with irritation in his voice without even asking me if I needed anything or calling back later to see how I was doing. He did, however, text Sunday AND Monday asking the same question. Since it takes about a week for a flare-up to calm down I gave him the same answer each time sincerely thanking him for the offer.

By Monday, Mr. Beelzebub’s aggravation at my sickness had elevated and I decided I did not want to see him again. I mean WHO DOES THAT? I was sick!!! I was in pain!! If you can’t be considerate LEAVE ME ALONE! Still, I decided to be grownup and nice about the whole thing. So I invited him to meet me in town for a burger. I called and asked how he was and what he was doing. He said he was great and was mowing the yard. Then I extended my invitation. He immediately said he was already cooking dinner. WOW a multi-tasker!!! Inside and Outside at the same time! Impressive! Not.
I realized that he was childishly pouting at my three turn-downs and played his game for a moment. I said, “Oh I’ve already ordered”, and we hung up.

I told a friend at work – Well I guess that’s the end of him. I don’t have to worry about what or how to say ‘it’s over before it began’. WRONG!

Yesterday he texted me this: “I really want to ask u out but u might say yes and u might say that u r sick. It really messes up my plans and ruins my day when you do that.”

OH NO HE DIDN’T….yes he did! PLEASE at LEAST spell out the entire word! Hanging around teenagers doesn’t make you one!

Classic reaction from date rejection obviously.

So I prayed twice before I answered. I did this because I have a helacious temper when offended. (One of my vices, ok??? I’m not perfect! Deal with it.) I sent him a text saying: I understand completely! It’s very difficult for people who do not have this painful disease or do not have loved ones who deal with it to understand the many emotions, pains, and control over a life it can have from time to time. I don’t expect you to just accept what I am telling you since you don’t really know me that well and don’t believe this is real anyway. So let me just end by saying thank you for the Applebee experience, it was nice and take care. If my fibro is affecting you emotionally this much when you have known me less than a week you would really have a hard time understanding what Spina Bifida is doing to me.

The end…. YAH RIGHT!!!!!!! It gets worse… much worse!

Apparently that struck a cord. Spina bifida-struck a cord! LOL, did I just say that! Oh hahahahahhahaha That was not even intentional..excuse me I almost choked.

So a few minutes later he texts about how much he always liked me but I was dating Jack back then and he had to listen to us talking on the phone during lunch at work and how it always bothered him and …..(OMGOODNESS that was almost 30 years ago!!!) I only met this Mr. Beelzebub ONE time back then!!!!!!!!! He said my divorce wasn’t even final then. Being separated for three years didn’t matter , he said, according to him, I TALK ABOUT GOD AND MY EX TOO MUCH! He said he was giving me dating tips and continued on to blah blah blah. This is all in a text.

I may not have been on a date in 20 years but I quickly recognized a childish temper tantrum. No real man is going to text…especially at our ages….unless he has reverted back to childhood and does not have the courage to talk to a woman live or on the phone.

Remember the temper I just confessed to having? I decided not to pray about that response.

I continued to play his game so I responded:
WHAT a jerk-ass thing to bring up! You know nothing about me or my life! Apparently you are attacking me over me not coming over to eat your grilled food. Grow up! While we were on our ‘date’, I simply answered your questions and since you seem to like to control the women you date – let me HELP YOU out a little. Next time you take a woman out, ASK if you can hold her hand instead of grabbing her and pulling her along like a Tonka toy – THEN lead her to a TABLE and look her in the eye while talking about you and her instead of talking behind her head when you do finally realize she is with you. Don’t take her to the bar to introduce her to the young girls you wish you could get and one final thing. MAYBE you should consider not drinking one after another so that when you take that woman home she doesn’t sit in your car and PRAY TO GOD that she doesn’t die with a drunk and embarrass her family and friends!

My hope was that he would realize that I’m not stupid…just overly nice sometimes but he had pushed my buttons to make me leave that place of kindness. But no…he continued to text. I deleted and did not read. Finally I told him I wasn’t reading his text….he sent another that started with “I’m sorry that we………..” delete. I texted back one more time.…”I’m done. Stop.”
Questions in my head: What man past 60 writes ‘u’ for you and ‘bee’ for be?

The fact that he stays drunk as much as possible, thinks he is a ladies’ man and that gives him the right to control and advise us on dating proved him to be the worst choice for my first dating experience. So I renamed him Bee-tle Juice (nicknamed for his excessive drinking and the love for all things bee). Pretty sure it will be a long time before I come out of my beehive to date again!

Now you know the story of why I changed my name on Facebook.

One final thought by Jerry Stinger….When your date makes an ex look good maybe you should consider giving up honey for a while………


Ms. Beekeepernot


Dear Ms. Beekeepernot,

It sounds like your date was indeed horrible!! Mr. Beelzebub aka Bee-tle Juice seems to have held some sort of aggression towards you for 30+ years and he was just waiting for the right moment to slam you with it. Hold a grudge much? I’m glad he showed his true colors early in the process of getting to know him. I’m sure the alcohol loosened him up for that!

Take care of yourself,

Ms. DT



  1. Ms. DT
    You are so right! I had no idea I had such an enemy out there! He mentioned that he used to have to sit and listen to Jack and I talk on the phone during lunch. It came out with so much anger. It’s scary that I was alone with him and although I try to use humor to deal with it, I wonder what PLAN he meant when he said I “messed up his plans.” I watch a lot of CSI and Criminal Minds so the fear of what he COULD have meant worries me. I will definitely be more careful in my dating choices from here on out……if I am brave enough to try it again.
    Thank you,
    Ms. Beekeepernot

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