Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day (Singles Awareness Day) to all my beautiful readers!!

So far on this wonderous day I have heard from Mr. Man of Mystery, Mr. Point and Shoot, and Mr. Flip a Coin. (As well as a few others lurking in my life.)

Mr. Man of Mystery sent just a simple, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Mr. Point and Shoot says: “Happy Valentine’s Day Bright Eyes, 🙂 I hope you get lotsa flowers, chocolate and kisses. (((HUGS))).”

Mr. Flip a Coin says: “I was browsing the internet and couldn’t find you. (I hid my profile from him.) Did you finally find a man? (nice) I have a profile without a photo just to browse (lurk) to see if there’s anything new when I’m bored.” (for when he’s off his meds)

I refuse to engage in conversation with any of them. And so the saga continues…

I’m going to buy myself flowers and chocolates and celebrate this wonderous day as an independent woman!!

Cheers to all us singles!!

Mr. Point and Shoot


Girl meets boy.

They have a lot in common…the love of photography being the main thing.

They spend a few hours talking about cameras and photography tips.

The next day the conversation takes a 180.

Sex, sex, and sex.

Girl changes the subject.

Boy sends, “SNIFF SNIFF 😦 I thought you liked me.”

Boy is really more interested in pointing and shooting something other than the camera.

Girl says, “That’s a wrap!!”

Mr. I Thought She was THE ONE


I was supposed to have a date recently with a man who I joked with about not asking me to marry him on the first date.

He said, “Oh no worries, I’ll wait till at least the third.”

In one of our later conversations I asked him how long he had been divorced. He said, “Well, here’s the thing…” (I know when something starts out like that I better start taking notes for my blog!!)

It turns out he had been divorced 3 months from a woman he was only married to for 3 months. He proposed to her on the 3rd date and they were married after only knowing one another for 3 weeks. HOWEVER, she was not his 3rd wife but his 4th.

I had no choice but to cancel our date. I can’t possibly take a chance on being wife number 5 when my lucky number is 6!! He’ll just have to get back to me after his next divorce.

He said he really thought wife number 4 was ‘the one’.

I just do not understand rushing into marriage so quickly. If you’re meant to be together it will happen even if you take that extra time to actually get to know one another better.

Mr. Nothing in Between


This past week I have been communicating with a man who started out with lots of witty banter and conversation. It’s the men who have a good sense of humor and can carry on an intellectual conversation that usually get my attention. He’s already asked me out for dinner next Friday although nothing is set in stone.

Now all of a sudden, the last two days he sends a “good morning” and a “good night” with literally nothing in between.

Does he think because we’re supposed to have dinner next weekend that now he does not have to engage me in any meaningful conversation?

It’s been my experience that if someone is really interested they go the extra mile and take time to get to know you.

Mr. Nothing in Between has lost my attention and interest.

To Give or Not to Give

26866434 (1)

I don’t know about everyone else out there but it takes me to while to feel comfortable about giving my phone number to a complete stranger.

Do you blame me? Look at my history of bad dates!!

Last spring, I gave my number to a guy I met online just as I was leaving for work. I told him I did not take personal calls at work and would talk to him that evening.

As I arrived at work, my phone rang. I answered my phone saying, “I told you I did not take personal calls at work.”

His response, “Oh, I’m sure you can make an exception for me.”

Me: “No I can’t.”

Him: “Well then call me on your break.”

Me: “No.”

Him: “Call me on your lunch.”

Me: “No.”

Him: “Ok fine. I’ll talk to you later but I find it very odd you won’t talk to me.”

Well I found it very disrespectful that he called me when I told him I don’t take personal calls at work.

He called three more times that day while I was working. I did not answer any of his calls.

By the time I got home, my phone was ringing again. This time I answered.

Him: “Hey, I was hoping you were off work by now. I’m going to to come take you out for dinner Friday night.” (He was not asking me. He was telling me.)

Me: “My son has tournament ball games all weekend. I can’t.”

Him: “Then we’ll go out Saturday night.”

Me: “No, I can’t. I will be at my son’s ball games.”

Him: (yelling angrily) “You need to take down your dating profile. You are obviously NOT interested in dating. You just like to jerk men around.”

Me: “No, I’m not blowing off my son’s ball games for anyone. He’s my son. You’re a stranger.”

Him: “Whatever. Bye.”

Ten minutes later he calls back. He left a voicemail, “Hey honey, I just wanted to say I was sorry. I understand your son comes first. I’m not ready to give up on you just yet baby so please call me back.”


This is a prime example of why I’m reluctant to give out my number so quickly. The men who are patient and don’t mind exchanging several messages first are the ones I end up sharing my digits with. The men who rant and rave when I won’t just hand it over are the exact ones I’m trying to avoid!!

But I am curious…what’s your take on this? Do you give out your number right away?

Mr. Mass Texter

mass text

After the fiasco with Mr. Flip a Coin, I gave my phone number to another online dater I had been corresponding with. He thanked me profusely and said he would text me in a bit (also assuring me I would not regret it). Sure enough, he did text me…in a mass text message that went to two other women at the same time!! Does he not understand that you can see all the phone numbers in a mass text message?

In this day and age, I understand most people communicate with one more than one person trying to get to know them and weed out the ones that are of no interest but a mass text message?? REALLY??!!

I actually messaged the other two women, one of which I have now become friends with. We both texted Mr. Mass Texter and asked him if he was talking with anyone else and he, of course, said “No hon just you.” (Hon?…barf.)

He has no clue that we know. Oh how dangerous this situation can be for a man…take heed online daters!! 😉

We are contemplating one of us setting up a date with him and then both showing up. Then again, he would probably like that.

He’s right though. I don’t regret it. I have made a great new friend thanks to his ignorance.

Mr. Flip a Coin (more like flip your lid)


One of my latest ‘dating’ fiascos is still making my head spin.

I corresponded with a man on a dating site who said one of his biggest pet peeves was people misrepresenting themselves online and how he really just wanted to be friends. When he asked me out for dinner I figured why not.

We met at a local restaurant last Friday night and much to my bemusement, he looked nothing like his online photos. He had used much younger ones on his profile. His first comment to me, “I really appreciate the fact that you actually look like your photos.” *twitch*

We sat down for dinner and the first thing he did was order a beer. (Funny…he had told me during our correspondence that he didn’t drink.) *twitch* *twitch*

Throughout the course of dinner, he was loud and obnoxious relaying story after story of how he had been in sooooo many bar fights and came close to being arrested on several occasions. (Did he think he was impressing me?)

As we were sitting there eating (and I was wishing I could hide under the table) who walks over but one of my old pastors!! I just wanted to DIE!!! Total mortification!!! I have no doubt he left the restaurant praying for me!!

When dinner was finally over he said, “Will you humor me for a few more minutes?” He pulled out his high school yearbook, mutliple awards that he’s won and his college diploma. I told him I did not want to look at them but he insisted he had to show me what a great guy he was!!!

As if that was not enough, he then asked me if he could follow me home for coffee. Uhhhhh….no. I thanked him for dinner and left..having no intention of EVER seeing him again!!

Much to my bewilderment I woke up the next morning to mulitple e-mails (apparently he did not sleep ANY that night) to find out I’m practically engaged. (???)

The following are bits and pieces from his e-mails: (I apologize in advance if this causes you even the slightest brain damage.)

“15 years…. of celibacy. (really?)

am I SAYING this? (I can’t believe it either.)

how can I say NO? (just say no…please)

YOU WIN. (Ohhhh…it was a contest!!)

I love you. (You don’t even know me!!)

I’m not even scared. (You should be.)

I’ve never met a nicer person.

I make my living reading people. (Epic fail! )

You are as nice as me. (cringe)

You deserve a good man. (Yes, I really do.)

I deserve a good woman.

We could do worse. (The jury is still out on that one.)

I’m yours. (No thank you.)

DO WITH ME WHAT YOU WANT. (That’s illegal.)

I just want you to be happy.

You deserve it.

I want to be the best man I can be for you.

(wow. where are these GUTS coming from?) (I don’t know but I just puked mine up.)


When I used to think of my ex girlfriend, I would get an erection…. (TMI)

(it means I am in love) (No, it means you’re HORNY!)

it is what it is…. what can I do? (No comment.)

there’s nothing I can do.

Awww, shit! IT’S ERECT NOW. DAMN IT! sigh. DAMN!


It means my … it means…. my subconscious WANTS you…. It means I LIKE you…. I feel for you…



iT’S HOT IN HERE, i’m breathless….. shit! damn…..

my stomach is tight….

…. matter of fact when I left the restaurant, it was getting hard…

I looked down and went “oh shit!”

why? because heart break is horrible.

why? because I know you could seduce me

why? because I know now YOU are in control

you got me.

Oh, GOD, it’s hard, NOW……



this is not fun. (It’s no fun for me either.)

but, I am not going to say anything. (Thank you for keeping all this to yourself.)

I am scared, and nervous, I’ll tell u that.

the other side of the coin, when I get seduced, then I am attached out of guilt

and that’s it

it’s over. not a bad thing. unless they leave you or cheat on you or hurt you….

and the thing is, I know in my heart, I can’t stop you.

that’s why I talk so much and put up the firewall buying time…

I don’t know where this is going….(I do.)

I have no clue

where is it going to end? (On my dating blog…that’s where)

your family come live with me? (???)

kids change schools? (???)

me move to your house? (You don’t even know my last name let alone where I live!!)

all these questions….

or will I just be a fling?

all I know is, it will happen or it won’t (It won’t.)

but what ever happens, happens.

and it couldn’t happen with a nicer person.

so, I am not worrying…

just nervous, and that’s why I talk so much

I will admit, you got me. (No really, I don’t.)

after 2 years of hell online. (Mine is just beginning.)

I don’t want to do anything to screw this up (too late)

you got me

if nothing else, as a good friend for life

REALLY. we are so much alike (I’m going for therapy now.)

I went to the bar tonite and they played my song when I came in…

copperhead road…well the waitresses came up and hugged me said it had been so much better in there

and after my song

shit started at the pool tables

I told them to quiet it down

they (2) broke a pool cue over the table with a piece in each hand

challenging me

two bouncers came up behind me

I walked up and said put the stick down, he threw one down…

I said , hand me the other…. he does and I give it to the bartender

the 2 rednecks with tattoos everywhere even on their neck and wearing “tapout” shirts

they yelling c’mon!!!

I turn to the bouncers and say

I’m getting too old for this shit and it’s time ya’ll start taking out your own trash

you ain’t gonna talk your way out of THIS one… it’s time. go take em out of here!

and off the 2 bouncers went like football players

it was like the move ROAD HOUSE


well, it was a hell of a fight, but they got those boys out the door

girls screaming, drinks dropping, bottles of beer and glasses breaking,

tables flipping over, pool table being shoved out of place, people getting knocked down, the sound of punches and clothes tearing, and growls and grunts

I go out, the old owner goes out, we are calm, we seen this for DECADES


like a teacher losing control in a classroom

there comes a time to take back control

the rednecks are screaming step off the sidewalk

the owner, instructs his two bouncers (FINALLY !!!)

to step off the sidewalk, and don’t say a word, and don’t throw the first punch

they do

the rednecks back out in the street and say come out here

the owner tells em same thing go into the street, let them throw first punch

and don’t say a word

the rednecks then turn and go get in their truck and leave

all the bouncers all come out laughing and hoo rahing and high fiving

we all go back in the club

I learn their good fighter bouncer had been fired… so

the rednecks were testing the remaining bouncers and winning (still not impressing me)

I look around, would I want to bring my lady HERE?



got music at the house, these are rednecks, and college kids

sure, I like watching the sexy young girls dance…. if they dance good

what man doesn’t? (That is so endearing. What a charmer.)

and I’m too old for this shit. (I’m too smart for this shit.)

Oh God, I am scared to death. What if I am making a mistake? What if you are NOT? WHOAH…. yeah….

What if it is a mistake NOT TO…. flip a coin, man. make a decision. (FLIP A COIN? Is that how we do it these days?!!)

Don’t have to make a decision…. just let it “RIDE”…

cross THAT bridge WHEN u get to it…

You may never get there….

and worry for NOTHING.

don’t worry about it.

where we at?

valentines day…..











Really, what else is there to say after THAT except that I have now decided on my next nightmare date (and I’m sure there will be more) I’m going to eat with my hands, chew with my mouth open, pick my nose, belch, fart, and laugh like a crazed woman. (I think I am a bit crazed now anyway!!) So, if you ever see a display like that while dining in a restaurant…it’s just me. Stop by the table and say hello!!

Peace my friends.