Lies Men Tell

(From my own personal experiences.) Please feel free to share yours as well.

“I was tricked into getting married this weekend.” Yes, I guy I had gone out with a few times actually said this to me. I’d like to know, Why didn’t I know about this ‘fiance’? and did he REALLY think I was stupid enough to believe that someone can be tricked into attending their own wedding. Around here people have to actually apply and sign for a marriage license.

“My wife is not affectionate and the marriage is dead.” Yes, I get hit on by married men all the time. Good luck buddy. No, I do not feel sorry for you and I do not want to be your back-up.

“I have been waiting for the right person to come along and then I will get a divorce.” That seems a little backwards to me. Do the right thing and get the divorce first. (Guys like this are only looking for some ‘side action’.)

more coming soon…

3 thoughts on “Lies Men Tell

  1. Well, I’ve heard those a few times myself. Along with ‘My wife doesn’t understand me’ or ‘I’ll have to stay with my wife for the sake of the kids’ These were a long time ago for me but I still remember finding out that my boyfriend was leading a double life. Some men don’t know how to be honest and will say whatever they want if it means they can have their wicked way with someone else. Grrrrrrrrr MEN!!!!!! Good luck with the dating though. 🙂

    1. I have heard those as well Christine. You would think after all these years that people would have learned to be more creative and believable with their lies but, alas, we are creatures of habit (and bad habits).
      Good luck to you as well. 😊

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