Lies Women Tell

Lies I have told (I do not claim to be perfect and even though I may try to justify my lies…a lie is a lie is a lie.):

“My ex boyfriend contacted me and we are talking about getting back together.” That was an outright lie. I don’t date my ex’s but the guy I told this lie to was way too needy and clingy and basically admitted to stalking his ex girlfriend. No thank you. Stalkers need not apply.

“I don’t kiss on the first date.” Truth is…I just don’t like you.

“We can still be friends.” This one I have actually meant and remained ‘friends with’ on a few occasions but for the most part…I’m just trying to get away from you without much hassle and you will never hear from me again.

The lie LOTS of women tell: “Size doesn’t matter.” Don’t believe it. It is a lie.

Reader Submissions:

“No honey, I did not sleep with your coworker before I met you.”

“Yes, you are the only one for me.”

“There have only been two other ones before you.”

more coming soon…

Since I do not date women, I can only share the lies I have told. I am relying on my readers to contribute to this. Please feel free to comment and share from your experiences.

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