My Dating Creed

■ It’s not about what’s wrong with me. It’s about what’s right with me. I refuse to settle.

■ I promise to always remember what I want and do not want.

■ I will not date my exes…there is a reason they are an ex.

■ I will not date married men or anyone newly divorced…it takes time to heal and discover who you are post-divorce.

■ I will not date aggressive/abusive men. “Abuse and respect are diametric opposites: You do not respect someone whom you abuse, and you do not abuse someone whom you respect.” ~Lundy Bancroft

■ I will not date passive aggresive men…if they do not value their own feelings enough to talk about them, I cannot be bothered to guess what they are upset about.

■ I will not date whiny, clingy men. I do not want someone who loses their identity in a relationship.

■ I will not engage myself in an argument with someone who believes they are always right. It is a waste of my time and energy.

■ I will not try to change someone. If I like someone for who I want them to be and not for who they really are then I do not like them…I like someone else.

■ A man must want to get to know ME and NOT my favorite sexual position.

■ Habitual texters are out…pick up the phone and call.

■ I know there are good men out there. I will not judge every man based on my bad experiences…let their own actions speak for them.

■ I will take something positive from every bad dating experience…learn from it and build something better because of it.

■ I will always believe in myself and never forget I am worthy.

7 thoughts on “My Dating Creed

  1. If I could reblog this, I would. Awesome concise list here. Amidst your awesome humor in your writing about your otherwise insanely tragic interface after interface with some of the worst of men, your heart and pep is very encouraging. We are pulling for you, probably also because we understand to the degree that my colleague and I do here at CEP. Thank you for the smiles in what can easily be very frustrating. Of course, besides the humor, the most important thing that keeps this from being so tragic and depressing is that we seek Him to help us stay whole and well as singles, not codependent on a relationship to make us able to be happy and at rest (hence, you standing behind your bullet point list here, especially the first one). Peace…CEP

    1. Thank you very much. Your comments mean a lot to me. You have a big heart and wonderful spirit. Kudos to you for advocating for women and children.

      The only thing that keeps me sane is God’s Grace. After getting out of a bad marriage He placed a promise on my heart and that’s what keeps me going. I have a lot of patience…obviously I need it. I’m stubborn too…I just refuse to give up.

      You have my blessing to copy My Dating Creed if you wish to post it. I would be honored.

      1. That’s awesome, His grace and a promise. Very special. I’ll copy and paste then, and provide the link on the post to your actual page. Thanks for that. It’s too good a list not to let people see who pass through my blog, especially considering the type of things people who read are going through and dealing with. Perhaps this would add some resolve or solidarity in their process, some extra inspiration and self dignity to hold to. Blessings…

  2. This is a good list, probably I should make myself one too. I am sure about age, and just at the moment tell a 21 year old to get a life. Did you notice that so may youngsters like mature women, haha. We are well wanted!:-)

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