Men Never Listen – Breaking the Man Code

Last weekend I was having lunch with friends. Me and my friend were talking but the conversation also included her husband who, at the time, was looking up football scores on his phone and having a side conversation with his buddy. We finished our conversation and looked over at her husband and I said, “He’s not even listening.” He looks up with a slight nod and quickly repeats everything we said and goes right back to what he was doing.

I’m thinking did he just give away the secret, a glimpse into the man code that’s been passed down from generation to generation and protected for centuries?

My theory is when a boy is around 12 or 13 his father, his brother, his uncle, his barber, his teacher, may just look at him and give him a slight nod that means, “You know?” If the manchild gives a nod back then that’s confirmation that he knows. If not, then the education begins. They are taught to pretend like they never listen to us women. Is it worth the headaches we give them from the constant nagging? Yes, because they are all in on it as a united front!! If it’s seen as a global man thing then technically they are off the hook.

This mancode has, supposedly, never been written down because men know that us women are curious creatures and we will find evidence of anything and everything that we can!!

Which brings me to my research after witnessing that ever so quick nod…I discovered it actually was put in writing, by a man, back in 1837!!! It includes phrases like, “A wink of his eye and a twist of his head”, “he spoke not a word”, “and giving a nod up the chimney he rose”…

Undeniable proof that there is a Santa Claus in the man code!!!

Can you believe it?? Right there in print for all the world to see…giving his approval for men to play dumb and pretend like they were not listening when we told them what we wanted for Christmas!!

Shocking…I know!!

So when you wake up Christmas morning and yet again, you don’t get what you really wanted…you know the real reason!!

Spread the word ladies. It’s time we let men know that we know what they don’t want us to know!!